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Advantages of Spraying with Electrostatic Guns

Consider the benefits of switching to electrostatic technology before purchasing another gun

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Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Cuts Downtime and Labor Costs

In side-by-side comparison, Graco plural component proportioner provides better ratio assurance, flexibility, and ease of use than other automatic mixing and dosing system.

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Precise Oil Delivery in 5 Seconds

New controller easily updates fluid dispense system, eliminating manual pouring and weighing for motor manufacturer.

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Color Change in Zero Seconds for Automotive Finishing

Engineers answer challenge to reduce downtime and waste, while increasing safety with plural component mixing.

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No More Running Around

Military vehicle finisher finds solution to small batch mixing. Wireless start/stop switch allows control inside hazardous area.


Scaling Up on a Budget

Cabinet shops should consider three strategies to make efficiency and productivity gains, without the high costs and pain points traditionally associated with small business expansion.

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Creative Mixing Approach Eliminates $75,000 a Year in Bad Parts

Tier 1 supplier finds safe, compact option for precision mixing. Industrial fluid dispense system pays off in less than a year.


How to Improve Operator Safety in the Paint Mixing Room

Improving operator safety is key for any paint line owner. There is an easy way to increase the safety in your paint mixing room.

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Air Base Increases Employee Safety and Productivity

Cart-mounted spray package decreases injuries. Personnel remain impressed with the ease of use for airplane paint removal.